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About us

We have been creating next-generation Fantasy Games since 2013.

incontro d'affari

From Fantasy Coaches, to Fantasy Coaches

We are a Software House founded in 2013 by launching a new concept of fantasy basketball, Dunkest, which today is the main Fantasy Basketball in Italy with +200,000 users.

Shortly thereafter, his football brother Kickest was also born, the first fantasy football in Italy to make use of statistics only.

Now we are focusing on creating Fantasy Sport App and Website for Leagues, Brands or Publishers who want to enrich their digital experience.

In short terms, we know what it takes to build successful digital experiences, because we did it firsthand.

Pugni in solidarietà

What we believe in


We believe that talent is the crucial element to differentiate us. We work to generate spirit and passion and involve our people, with a careful and sensitive approach.


Stimulate the team's creativity to create innovative products and build unparalleled gaming experiences. Thinking outside the box is our mantra.


We are a family. Each of us is a backbone of the company and is crucial to everyone's success. We believe in people and the human relationship comes first.

The team

Our offices

A studio in the heart of Milan

We were born in Milan in 2013 and from here we have created games for Brands all over the world, thanks to our experience and passion in developing Fantasy Games.

Work with us!

We are looking for people strongly oriented towards innovation and who want to get involved.

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